About Evidence Sciences and Dr Elizabeth Steels

Evidence Sciences and Dr Elizabeth Steels

Director – Evidence Sciences

Elizabeth is a clinical biochemist with over 20 years experience in pharmaceutical drug and nutraceutical research and development. She is currently Director of Research and specializes in clinical trial protocol designs in Integrative medicine compliant with international clinical and regulatory requirements. Her areas of interests include pathology and nutritional biomarkers for altered metabolism and disease states. She is also well published and lectures in Integrated Health at universities, industry functions and private tertiary organizations.

 BSC. Hon, Grad Cert Nutrition, Grad Cert Education, PhD

Research and Clinical Practice

Dr Elizabeth Steels has been in clinical practice as a biochemical nutritionist for over 20 years.

Her focus as a practitioner is to look for the underlying causes of imbalance or an illness and focus on re-balancing metabolism allowing the body to correct itself, rather than just treatment of the symptoms.

Over the years of clinical practice as well as the clinical research, she believes that, while we have to understand modern medicine, fundamental physiology of the healthy body and metabolic changes that occur with dis-ease, we are also defined in health by  “what we eat and what we think”.

Dr Steels is currently investigating the areas of metabolism and hormones, exercise and weight loss, immunity, gut health and mental health, with particular interest in ageing related conditions.

Research has been focused on nutraceuticals and botanical (Phytotherapy) treatments for maintaining healthy testosterone and oestrogen levels during ageing with a number of studies just being completed using specialised Fenugreek seed extracts as a hormone modulator.

Dr Elizabeth Steels has a particular interest in nutritional diagnostics, including nutritional pathology and the emerging new area of nutrigenomics. Nutrigenomics is the study of the interactions between foods and dietary actives with our genes.  By understanding our individual genetic profile, we can develop another tool to optimise an individual’s nutrition to bring the body back into balance, potentially to help treat those difficult diseases and provide optimal wellness as we age.

Dr Elizabeth Steels is also a Consulting Editor for the Dove Press Journal “Nutrition and Dietary Supplements” and is dedicated to cellular and clinical research that provide greater understanding of the mechanisms of action of phytotherapy based and nutraceutical treatments in the prevention and treatment of disease.