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Research Services


Our expert research services include:

  • Pilot trials
  • Efficacy & safety studies
  • Randomised Placebo controlled trials
  • Absorption & bioavailability studies
  • Post-marketing studies
  • Expert reports

Dr Elizabeth Steels is a specialist in Complementary Medicine and Nutraceutical research is driven by a desire to continually advance the evidence base for natural health products, within broader health care.

Over many years she has built a reputation for rigorous standards and rock solid results, applying the same tough parameters to her clinical trials as the pharmaceutical industry…  fully compliant with “International Good Clinical Practice” guidelines.


Clinical trials are crucial to your product’s success


Clinical trials are pivotal in ensuring the success of launching a new product, and they provide invaluable support in reaffirming the safety and effectiveness of products already on the market. The results of these trials need to confirm absolute compliance and, if done properly, they should provide a springboard to the best possible sales result.

With Dr Steels project managing your research, you can be sure every aspect will be carefully tailored to ensure your clinical trials are the start of a successful, truly maximised marketing campaign.