…..the season is upon us…….

There are a number of very effective treatments for combating the virus’s that cause the common cold and flu symptoms. The most important key in using these treatments is to start taking small doses of these remedies regularly, as in every 3-4 hours, as soon as you feel the symptoms starting to occur.

These treatments include the nutrients vitamin C and zinc as well as ginger and garlic oil extracts. These ingredients will fight the cold virus itself. For symptom relief, while the body is under attack, use a natural pain relief such as willow bark. Support to reduce muscle aches and help sleep can be aided with the likes valerian.

We found in a double blind clinical trial that this medicinal combination and a regular prescribed dosing regime, was highly effective at shortening the duration of a cold. When we get an infection, our body’s immune system is compromised….so your treatment should also include rest, relaxation and lots of fluids, even in winter.