Lets have a look at the Integrative Health Model.

Integrative Health emphasises the combined use of conventional and alternative ways to support the biological, psychological, social, and spiritual aspects of wellness.

As a biochemist / scientist, I understand we need to develop robust scientific rationale behind our medicines for both prevention and treatment of dis-ease.

However, in order to evaluate a treatment under this scientific / medical model, firstly there must be a test method available and secondly, it requires the treatment to work in exactly the same (biochemical) way in everyone.

This system works well for supporting physical health such as treatments for blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

However, we do not have the tools to measure, scientifically, many other aspects to our health and many alternative treatments are so individualised that they would fail under the rigorous clinical trial process we use to judge effectiveness of pharmaceuticals and botanicals.

So it is likely that our approaches to improving “happiness” which may include my prescription of daily “sun-time”, “laughter” and “hugs” will remain as an alternative approach for many years to come.