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Research on Hormones, Aging and the Fenugreek Seed Extract, TESTOFEN and LIBIFEM

What are the essential keys to successful aging? What are the most important components to optimal health?  Most of us would say we want a healthy memory and sharp cognitive function as well as maintaining some level of active physical mobility.  One of the most important factors essential to both mind and body is hormones, particularly testosterone and oestrogen. Sub-optimal levels of these hormones will lead not only to reduced physical abilities such as muscle strength and sexual function (which most people know) but also to reduced cognitive function. By this I mean, loss of memory, sleep issues, irritability, moodiness, anxiety and even depression.  So maintaining healthy hormone levels has to be one of the essential keys to successful ageing.

Fenugreek Seeds are a traditional food and they are also rich in bioactive compounds (chemicals) that can influence health in a number of ways.  Our research has been focussed on the use of particular specialised Fenugreek seed extracts that have been developed specifically for moderating hormone function in both men and women.

We previously published research on the TESTOFEN extract for supporting male health and testosterone levels, see our ‘Previous Research‘ page.

Our latest research on LIBIFEM has just been published, click here for details.

We are continuing our research into the potential therapies in the aging population as well as determining the mechanism of action (how it works at a biochemical level).

Dr Beth Steels, Evidence Sciences –   9/7/2015