Dr Elizabeth (Beth) Steelselizabeth-steels

‘A CLINICAL nutritionist, biochemist, teacher and researcher for 20 years, Elizabeth (Beth) Steels firmly believes success comes when there’s a healthy balance between family, lifestyle and work.

Elizabeth’s company IHG Trials, conducts clinical trials on nutraceuticals and herbal medicines to determine their effectiveness and understand their biochemistry.

Elizabeth says her supportive family underpins her passion and interest in preventative and natural medicines.

“Success comes for me at different levels,” Elizabeth said. “Firstly being the best parent I can be and to bring my children up to follow their dreams.”

“It’s also about finding new information that contributes to a healthy world. I get a lot of satisfaction in helping people find solutions to their health problems”

Clinical trials on natural medicines is now where her interests lay and Elizabeth is currently looking for people to assist her studies on treatments for ageing-related problems in menopause, joint pain and for men with prostate problems.

“Personally, my goal is to stay fit and healthy and watch my children grow into great adults, and one day I would love to set up an educational health retreat,” Elizabeth said.

“Professionally, I want to continue researching, teaching and writing and helping people find the safest solutions to their health problems.”

People interested in participating in clinical trials can email Elizabeth at drbeth@elizabethsteels.com.au.

Published in the New Farm Village News – May 2015 – Women in Business Feature